Let's sink a few cans

CANCOOL is a unique underground drinks fridge, sunk into your garden, that uses the naturally cool underground temperature to keep cans chilled. Easy to install, the CANCOOL will be the talking point of every BBQ or party.


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The coolest way to cool a can

  • CANCOOL utilises the natural cooling affect of the earth to keep your cans at a great 'CANCOOL' temperature. Ground temperatures vary in the UK but on average, 1 meter below ground will be between 3-10°C - the perfect beer temperature!
  • CANCOOL is easy to install! Choose your location away from known obstructions like tree roots and away from house or garden utilities (gas, electricity & water etc). Dig a hole using a spade or garden auger. Sink the aluminium tube into the hole and backfill. Fill the plastic inner tube with drink cans and place into the aluminium tube in the ground!
  • CANCOOL will hold 8x330ml cans or 6x440ml cans, you can install in different parts of the garden with any canned drink of your choice. CANCOOL will be talking point of any party or BBQ, they're, perfect for when a walk back into the house for a refresh is just a bit too much!
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Install in 3 easy steps

  1. Dig a hole using a spade or garden auger, away from house or garden utilities, 900mm deep by 100mm wide.
  2. Insert the aluminium tube into the hole leaving appoximatly 100mm above ground.
  3. Back fill if needed, then simply fill the plastic tube with cans and insert into the aluminium tube.

And Enjoy!

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