CANCOOL is a device that utilises the natural cooling effect of the earth to keep your desired drinks cans at a great ‘CANCOOL’ temperature. Without any requirement for power (batteries or mains electricity).

You can place your CANCOOL in a location that suits you e.g. outside a summer house, shed, bbq bench etc.

Ground temperatures vary throughout the year, but here in Western Europe the average temperature 1m below the ground is between 3-10 degrees C (37-50 degrees F) The perfect temperature range for quality Ales and Premium lagers.

To install

  • Choose the area you want to install your CANCOOL, (ideally away from tree roots or house utility pipes etc)
  • Dig a 10 cm wide hole to an approximate depth of 95cm. Use a spade or ideally a garden auger.
  • Insert Aluminium tube, the red bung goes at the bottom. Now back fill with soil, avoid any soil entering the aluminium tube.
  • Load the inner sleeve with your chosen canned drinks and lower into the Aluminium tube. (If your cans weren’t cold when you loaded the tube leave them in for several hours so they reach the optimum temperature) .

CANCOOL will provide a talking point at any bbq, festival, camping trip or party. The inner sleeve is made from re-cycled plastic and will hold up to 8 drinks cans (330ml). A fantastic design with its function being the ‘beauty of simplicity’. Now, ‘Lets go and sink a few cans!”